64. Celestial Devotion

They say we’re forged in stars, they say
that we’re made of the atoms
that are created over eons and eons of
stars being born and stars dying.
And they say that we’re all unique,
no two people are the same, no two
people have the same lives.
They say we’re forged in stars and
that may be true for what we are made of,
but we are crafted here, on this
planet, this pale blue dot riding on
a sunbeam.
All of the lives, all of the “no twos”,
And some treat life as a privilege,
an entitlement.
And worse, some treat love the same way
and some say that there is exactly one
meant for exactly one other.
If we are forged in stars, let that
knowledge reveal at least one thing:
stars are born, and stars die
and their lives span eons and eons,
and they are alone,
these makers of our universe.
Everything and everyone you will ever know,
you will ever love, you will ever
see in passing, was forged in a star
that has never known, loved, or seen
one of its own kind.


~ by Kyu! on April 2, 2013.

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