19. A Love Poem for the End of Days

•May 10, 2015 • Leave a Comment

Her smile lit up the heavens
Whenever he told a dumb joke,
And shooting stars would pass by
Hoping to catch just a glimpse
Of her radiance.
The stars grew jealous,
And began to fall to the earth
Hoping to share in their joy.
And as the universe
Came crashing down around them,
the last thing the two knew
was a happiness
that even the heavens envied,
and for the rest of the ages
The stars had only a vague memory
Of a smile.


62. Adrift

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As smoke drifts
Slowly cascading
Gently curving
Dancing in the air
Climbing up and away
I follow the same path
Billowing out from the past
Winding around the future
Adrift on a gentle breeze

67. Cosmic Leap

•January 4, 2015 • 1 Comment

A heart full of madness
stirs at the edge of the universe
Peering over the precipice
into the void beyond the void
where there is less than nothing
A drop-off that an eagle would fear
a darkness so deep
that within even shadows gleam
This cliff at the end of all things
bears eternal witness
to the madness of a man
who believed he could fly

66. Ambivalence

•August 17, 2014 • Leave a Comment

I don’t know what the sun looks like anymore.
Only the moon, silver sweet,
rolling across the velvet sky.
Stars burn far away,
like pin-sized holes in the night.

I don’t know what you look like anymore.
Everything happened so fast,
and after just a couple of rotations
of the mysterious sun,
I lost all memory.

I don’t know if I should start all over,
an amnesiac with no history
making his way, finally,
into the sunlight,
or if I should cling to my small hope
that the sun will illuminate you in ways
that the moon never could.
Maybe it won’t bring back my memories…

But I can still make new ones.

65. Puppet Master

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Here in this dark night
My eyes burn like dying embers
Smoke lingering in the air
The wet air between me and the world

A streetlight paints over the lot
Our faces cast in sepia
I feel detached, separate from myself
Watching dead eyes in the yellow light
Watching ashes stir in the wind

I am the puppet master
And you are all marionettes
Pulled and twisted by my hands,
The blade next to your strings

Strings bound to my fingers,
And the blade
Bound with the weight of worlds

To free you from my grasp
Is freedom enough for me.

22. Here, But Not There

•December 18, 2013 • 1 Comment

I had the most beautiful dream
Light poured onto a field
Interrupted by cottages
And a clear, running stream.
The sky was clear,
And the air smelled like late summer,
Right before the autumn chill.
It was in Ireland, though no one had the accent
And I’ve never been
(Such is the way of dreams).
I’d like to go, someday,
But it’s the first time in my life
That I’ve woken up from such a dream
And not wanted to go now,
Because I woke up here,
Which is so much closer to you.

21. Ember

•October 4, 2013 • Leave a Comment

Every night I douse the flame
And each morning I search the ashes
Secretly hoping for an ember
That some breeze might come
As simple as a touch, a look, a laugh
That will kindle the flame once again